Sauvie Island Community

When Fiona and I moved our family from close-in SW Portland to Sauvie Island, it was a big change.....but one of the best decisions we've made. Granted, we did have to become a bit more organized since we couldn't just "run" down to the store to pick up that forgotten item, but it's been worth it.

Matt's Favorite Things About The Island

When you cross the bridge coming home from work, you really begin to relax.

The view of the local mountains in the early morning.

The Community: People look out for each other.

Sauvie Island Academy (K-8)

The beaches

Picking up fresh produce on the way home at one of the local farmers markets.

Boating on the channel

Access to great bike riding

The deer in the backyard

Watching an eagle grab a fish in the channel

More Information & Resources on Sauvie Island

Here are some great links to websites with information about Sauvie Island. Please check back to this page as I'm often updating it.

By far the most comprehensive website on the Island. A great resource for local residents and visitors.

I start out every morning with a cup....or two.